Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Certain Frequencies Now Available

My latest EP, Certain Frequencies, is now available on Muti Music exclusively on Addictech. The release will be exclusive to Addictech for a month or so and will then be available on all your favorite digital download sites, including iTunes.

The EP is decidedly melodic but still with a dubstep vibe. I was hoping to marry the kinds of melodies I like to listen to while chilling out with strong beats and bass. There's lots of moody dubstep but not much that I would call pretty. Here's hoping you'll call this one pretty.

I'm also excited because the release features a remix by Lord Tang aka Borful Tang, who's been at it making strange and wonderful music for quite some time. He's also a good friend.

Lastly, here's an ambient remix of one of the tracks from my new EP, "Seeding the MIDI Cloud," available for free download.

Seeding The MIDI Cloud (Soundtrack Mix) by kemek

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